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Chemlok Adhesives

Oil & Gas applications - Chemlok forms bonds that can withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures and high pressures.

Chemlok Adhesives

Mining applications - Chemlok has generations of proven performance in all conditions, keeping your revenue generating operations up and running.

Chemlok Adhesives

Power Generation and Infrastructure applications - Because bond failures are not an option.
When it’s critical, it’s Chemlok.

Chemlok Rubber-to-Metal, Rubber-to-Plastic, Rubber-to-Substrate Rubber Bonding AdhesivesChemlok® Rubber-to-Metal, Rubber-to-Plastic Adhesives

When you need a high performance rubber-to-substrate adhesive, choose the ultimate in elastomer bonding — LORD Chemlok Adhesives — technology that has generations of proven performance.

For more than 60 years, Chemlok Adhesives have performed in a broad spectrum of industries including: automotive, power generation, civil engineering, mining, aerospace, military, oil and gas, and industrial applications. Whether your rubber bonding application requirements call for withstanding high temperatures or harsh environments – When it’s critical, it’s Chemlok.

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Water Based Rubber Bonding Adhesives

Aqueous | Solvent Free | VOC Free | Low HAP Adhesives

At LORD, we’re constantly innovating new rubber bonding adhesive solutions to reduce our customers’ carbon footprint. Our goal is to ensure our planet will be just as beautiful for future generations. Not only are our Environmentally-Preferred Chemlok Adhesives better for the environment, these water based rubber bonding adhesives perform at the same high quality you expect from the Chemlok brand.

Change is the only constant. Our team of experts strive to push the technical boundaries in order to provide you with tomorrow’s solutions today. Our rubber bonding solutions have been successfully deployed for years across a wide range of industries. From the cars you drive to the tractor harvesting crops to put food on your table, you can depend on Chemlok Adhesives.

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Chemlok CB One-Component Rubber-to-Metal Cold-Bonding AdhesivesChemlok Cold Bond (CB)

One-Component Rubber-to-Metal Adhesives

LORD Corporation, the world leader in vulcanizing adhesives ("hot-bonders"), now has a cold-bonding adhesive that is easier and safer to use than existing alternatives. Many existing cold-bonding adhesives for bonding pre-vulcanized rubber to metal are two-component adhesives that utilize carcinogenic substances. With that in mind, we want to offer cold-bonding solutions consistent with our values of developing products that are easier and safer to use. Work Safely. Save Money.

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LORD LokRelease Rubber Bonding Mold Release and Adhesive Cleaning SolutionLORD LokReleaseTM

Rubber Bonding Mold Release Agents

LORD LokRelease mold release is a family of fast curing release agents designed for use with molded elastomers. LORD LokRelease solutions provide a semi-permanent, anti-stick surface coating for fast, easy part removal from molds. LORD LokRelease solutions are formulated to increase time between mold-picking and reduce mold fouling in the rubber-to-substrate molding processes. Our mold releases have been used in LORD rubber-to-metal part manufacturing facilities for years.

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Adhesive Stripping Solution

LORD LokRelease 800 and 810 Adhesive Stripping Solutions are special cleaning formulas that take advantage of Hansen Solubility Parameters; balancing dispersion, polarity and hydrogen bonding to swell dried-on adhesives for easy removal and reduction in hazardous waste disposal.

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Layers of the components within the Rubber-to-Metal bonded assemblyTHE ELASTOMER AND

Choosing the Best Combination | Elastomer Bonding Basics

In 1956, LORD Corporation commercialized a Chemlok® primer and covercoat system that produced elastomer tearing bonds with virtually all commercially available elastomers. This jump in technology provided a broad processing latitude for elastomer rubber-to-metal bonding and drastically reduced scrap levels. Continuing research at LORD Corporation has produced a growing line of elastomer bonding formulations that can accommodate all commercially available elastomers, diverse metals and rigid plastic substrates. When bonding elastomers, there are many considerations, including your elastomer or elastomer blend, physical properties, and part design.

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When you choose Chemlok, the product is just the beginning. Our new LORD Academy provides customers with unique training to ensure they become adhesives experts, and get the job done right the first time. We offer on-site training, process optimization, industry seminars and more. Become a Chemlok Adhesive expert today!

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LORD has developed four new Chemlok® Rubber-to-Substrate Adhesives, each specifically engineered to meet industry needs for more robust systems with strong environmental performance that offer application versatility. Learn More...

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